Replying To Every Comments Is Silly!

Interacting with your readers is one thing that makes a blog a tight community. As what has been said a thousand times, blogging is a two way process, providing something, and getting feedback. So in short, you cannot just provide good content and then take a nap. Your readers sure have their say, maybe they couldn’t understand something or want more clarifications. Either way, this is where replying to them takes place.

While I do reply to 15-35% of comments in this blog, I think replying to each and every comment is silly! Why? Simply it’s because you really don’t have to most of the times. I find it ridiculous when a blogger responds to all comments (including trivial comments). I read Neil Patel’s blog and to be frank I enjoy reading it. But I just don’t get why he needs to reply to all comments he receives. I also have done a guest post on Yan’s blog about reputation management. I was asked by him as well to reply to every comments, so I did (not all comments though). Anyway I know 60% wouldn’t agree on me but I just think I have these 4 reasons why I think it’s silly and here they are:

  1. Not all comments add value – Comments like “been here, nice blog” or “thanks for this informative post” are no way can be considered as useless comments. In fact, it always feels good when someone finds your article great. But, it doesn’t add value! I feel I could always go by not saying “you’re welcome”. Depends on my mood, though. :)
  2. 85% don’t even get back to your post – The truth about bloggers is that, they bounce so fast. I mean because they want to comment on as many blogs as they can, they don’t really pay much attention to the post and would just rather agree on it immediately or say thank you. So because of it, they wouldn’t even be able to read your reply. In this case, I always look whether someone is subscribed to the comments via email (always make sure it’s unchecked). In that way, I would know if the guy is really waiting for a reply or not.
  3. It inflates your no.of comments per post – In my previous post about whether comments could justify the success of the blog, I tackled that because some of the bloggers reply to every comments, it makes their blog’s community so huge. I’m not really against it but I think it can have a negative impact on a blog because the blogger may have been wasting his time replying to all comments instead of promoting his blog more.
  4. Face it, not all your posts can be liked! – Well in my blog’s case, I have a ton of personal posts rather than helpful posts. I understand that by posting something about my crush, or my school life, it would tune out some of the readers. You see, people always expect something from your blog. If they are into blogging and they think you could help them but suddenly they’ve read an affiliate marketing article, it’s very likely that they wouldn’t get it and won’t respond. Same with contest posts. They rack a hundred comments but that doesn’t justify the popularity of a blog.

Overall the number of comments is really a nice way to dress your blog up and have a nice community. It attracts readers, advertisers and so on. But I think it goes more than just that. If you could possibly work more on other important things that would benefit your blog then that would be nicer than just wasting your time replying to each and every comment, even though you know its just a spam. What do you think? Or maybe am I missing something?

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  1. says

    I agree with you to a degree! I don’t see the point in adding a comment when someone say great post. But if they add even the slightest bit of value to my post then I will definately reply -to show that I appreciate the time they took to comment.

    Tom –’s last blog post..5 Things More Important Than Blogging

    Melvin Reply:

    I also do, but I just happened to be a very moody person so, it depends on the days I guess

  2. says

    I agree!

    Some comments don’t need a reply but if someone ads a comment that’s beneficial I think you should reply.

    Not only does it show appreciation but it shows some sign of gratitude for adding an informational comment.

    I rarely reply to my comments unless they are in a questions form.

    Melvin please add an avatar over at blog engage! Your profile is extremely boring!

    please pleae haha!

    bbrian017’s last blog post..Blog Engage News Flash

    Melvin Reply:

    oh yes I will dude, and I am going to right now. :)

  3. says

    I wish you’d up the frequency of your replies to comments left on your blog. “,)

    But as it is your blog, you know which blog comment deserves your attention. I wonder why spammy comments bother you that much. You just have to delete them and forget about them, knowing you have better things to do.

    As a whole, I disagree with your premise that replying to every comment is silly. Perhaps misguided is more appropriate? How about nice? Replying to every comment is about being nice and being decent host to your visitors.

    And who’s to say that a blog post becomes ugly when the author replies to every comment? Who’s keeping count? Who’s watching and keeping tabs? It’s my comment section after all. “,)

    *Sighs* Because I feel strongly about this post, I’d write one to bounce off your intriguing write up, Melvin.

    My silliness is peaked. And I arrogate unto myself the right to speak on its behalf. lol

    Will tweet you when my post becomes live. That is, if you care to know

    jan’s last blog post..The Secret to Earning a Good StumbleUpon Review

    Melvin Reply:

    Well probably I think this post would definitely yield negative reactions and I always expect that. Hmmm, I love your explanation about showing appreciation to readers and after all thinking its your blog anyways is pretty reasonable. The term ‘silly’ is well a term I always use not to despise things but more to question it. I really don’t mean to offend people and obviously I wrote this post with you guys in mind hoping to get reactions (even negative ones)on maybe why it isn’t silly as well.

    Anyway, I think posting good content and providing value could also show you appreciate your readers as well and thats what I am exactly trying to do. :)

  4. says

    I agree with you that replying to every comment is silly. I reply to on comments which need to be replied but sometime it happens that I have to reply to almost most of them. Some time they raise good debate.

    But I never reply to commentators saying nice content and that kinda thing.

  5. says

    Okay, I have finished writing a lengthier reaction on your post today. Which I posted on my blog today.

    I’ve promised you I’d write something to bounce off your intriguing post. It’s being listed in your commentluv so I will not post a link anymore here in my comment.

    I hope I’m not too silly in that post. “,) Thanks for your intriguing idea. You’ve excited me enough to write about it on a lazy Sunday evening yet. lol

    jan’s last blog post..The Lost Art of Being Silly

    Melvin Reply:

    well you’re welcome my friend. :) I will read it (thoroughly) and if it shakes me up, then I’ll retweet it.

  6. says

    Really cool post, Melvin, enjoyed reading it.

    When I first started by blog I was replying to every comment as I’d been taught it was a good thing to do, but as time has gone on I’ve started only replying to the quality comments that deserve a reply. After all, the people who leave crap comments will usually only be in it for the backlink/advertising anyway, rather than actually joining the community.

    Simon | Teenius’s last blog post..Guest Posting: What, Why and Where

  7. says

    Really nice Post. But I don’t really agree on all of your Points. Like you said, comments like “been her,e nice post” or “great blog” etc, you don’t reply. As my point, I don’t even accept those. :)
    Those are simply peace of bullshit (spam), those are the people trying to comment on as much blogs as they can. If they really ask you question, suggestions or even a meaning full Critic. Atleast, I’ll must reply to them.
    Plus, I always check comment author url and name, that helps knowing difference between spam and good ones. :)

    I hope I made my point clear.
    Though nice Blog here ! :)

    Enk.’s last blog post..Optimize your blog Images for Google Image Search

    Melvin Reply:

    yep, well spam comments are pretty easy to determine by their IP and url but in my case i get comments like “great post” or “nice article” from fellow bloggers in this niche so I don’t think I should delete it

  8. says

    I do try to respond to as many commnets as possible. Sometimes, the comment is exactly a thank you and good bye. So those usually do not get a response. I get a lot more emailed questions than Comments and now I have started sharing those questions as some make very good topics. Spammers are getting pretty good in sneaking in too, and those are ignored or delted.

  9. says

    Yea, I agree. I do right now, but when my blog gets bigger I won’t. I usually just give the same quality back that I received.

    For example, if someone says “thanks” to a comment I will reply with “your welcome”.

    teenwebguru’s last blog post..Promoting on Forums

  10. says

    It’s a personal preference of the blogger whether to reply to every single comment received or not. I’m sure we all know which ones to reply back to and which ones not to.

    Jhay’s last blog post..PhotoHunt: Protect(ion)

  11. says

    I am soo in the same boat Melvin. Before, I reply on every comments written in my blog and I end up being the top commentator in my blog which is not a good thing.

    But on the other hand, it isn’t a bad thing most especially when your reader likes interaction.

    Hoping for more great posts from you :)


    Melvin Reply:

    hey thanks Ms.

    you can always exclude your name in the top commentator by modifying its setting. :)

  12. Rarst says

    1. I am getting awesome extensive comments at my blog. Am I doing something wrong? Oh wait, I am getting those commetns because my readers know I am willing to speak with them.

    When you reply to person who wrote ten words next time he might write hundred. You never know.

    2. Ignoring new face/first time commenter who had been lurking for months reading your blog because he visits daily anyway and has no need to subscribe to comments.

    Great plan to ensure lurkers won’t comment ever again.

    3. I fail to see anything wrong about number of comments per post – big or small either.

    4. Don’t really get what this has to do with (not) replying to comments.

    Overall I think you are mixing together spam and real comments. Spam must be dealt with, comments must be handled. Different beasts, different approaches.

    Liane Reply:

    Yep. I agree with your conclusion. Different beasts, different approaches.
    .-= Liane´s last blog ..YoungBlogger is Haggard | On The Process of Finishing Excel Blogging Version 1.0 =-.


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