Making the Most Out of Google+ Business Page

It’s a fact that Google+ is evolving with time and is slowly becoming an integral part of any business’s online reputation and subsequent sales. It makes your Google+ business page really important, since it reflects the online reputation of your brand.

A New Challenge – Effectively Marketing a Local Website

Despite of me being totally busy with work and other stuff, I decided to launch a new website purely based on it being a hobby (or maybe not even really).  ‘Passion projects’ aren’t really the best thing in life because aside from the fact that it doesn’t give you assurance of making money, its also […]

You Still Trying to Make Money Blogging? That’s Old School!

A couple of days ago, I read a post from one of my favorite blogs entitled ‘The Future of Blogging’. Now I know you’re probably thinking that this is one of those cheesy posts where the author just puts something together about how blogging will still change the world, whatever, but trust me its not.

Immense Growth of Internet Marketing Companies

Do you ever wonder why you’re getting emails literally almost every day from companies offering internet marketing services in general? Whether it be article writing services, search engine marketing or even a simple website optimization service that includes web design and such, it’s just clear that these internet marketing companies are sprouting and growing faster than ever.

Why Video Posts Can Generate More Traffic For Your Blog

Many bloggers have recently experimented with video use ontheir site. While there are many different challenges and considerations that one should keep in mind when making the transition to video, one benefit of the medium is abundantly clear: video, when incorporated correctly and on the right type of site, can almost guarantee a boost in traffic as a result of its use.

LeadsMarket Payday Loan Affiliate Program Review

Leads Market is a ‘new’ affiliate network that seems to be focusing more on payday loan offers. Their website, on first glimpse, suggests that they are a fully fledged affiliate network. They state in their homepage that they have other offers as well such as dating, mortgages, flowers, etc., however, some quick browsing would reveal that they seem to be more functioning as a payday loan affiliate program and nothing else at the moment.