Cost-Effective Ways to Market Your Online Business Offline

A lot of people these days are so focused on marketing their businesses online that they tend to neglect the offline part. Sure, promoting online is much easier, gives us wider reach and most of the time, is cheaper as well. However, this doesn't mean doing offline promotions is not worth it. In this blog post, I will list down some cost effective ways to market your online business offline. These offline marketing techniques should just complement your current online strategies and should still allow you to reach more people without spending too much money. 1. Giveaway items There's Continue Reading

Foretelling the Future? You Don’t Need ESP

This is a guest post by Amanda Green. On the surface, it seems like product launches consist of three steps: think up the product, make the product, and launch it to the public. The truth is that there is a lot more work that goes into it than that, which involves anticipating the future, foretelling how a product will be received on the market. It's not so mystical as say hiring a psychic to predict market fluctuations, although there are companies that actually do this. Realistic foretelling of the future involves thinking and acting precisely. Here are some of the things that you need to Continue Reading

Making the Most Out of Google+ Business Page

This is a guest post by Amanda Green. It’s a fact that Google+ is evolving with time and is slowly becoming an integral part of any business's online reputation and subsequent sales. It makes your Google+ business page really important, since it reflects the online reputation of your brand. If you’re not making the most out of your Google+ page, then you’re definitely leaving money on the table - money that you could put in the highest interest rate savings account and increase your overall earnings. Advantages of a Google+ Business Page Your Customers Are On It: Whether you believe Continue Reading

A New Challenge – Effectively Marketing a Local Website

Despite of me being totally busy with work and other stuff, I decided to launch a new website purely based on it being a hobby (or maybe not even really).  'Passion projects' aren't really the best thing in life because aside from the fact that it doesn't give you assurance of making money, its also a time sink and something that could hinder you from doing other things that are more "worth it" financially speaking. But life is all about being happy eh? :P Continue Reading

You Still Trying to Make Money Blogging? That’s Old School!

Well, its really not! :-) But blogging has changed a lot over the past 10 years that a lot of bloggers were left (in the dust) because they're still doing blogging the same way they're doing it 5-10 years ago. I gotta admit that I sort of consider myself one of those who have not been doing what I'm supposed to be doing different than what I was doing before. A couple of days ago, I read a post from one of my favorite blogs entitled 'The Future of Blogging'. Now I know you're probably thinking that this is one of those cheesy posts where the author just puts something together about how Continue Reading

Immense Growth of Internet Marketing Companies

Do you ever wonder why you’re getting emails literally almost every day from companies offering internet marketing services in general? Whether it be article writing services, search engine marketing or even a simple website optimization service that includes web design and such, it’s just clear that these internet marketing companies are sprouting and growing faster than ever. There’s a good reason for their growth and this is due to demand. Demand for Internet Marketing Services The growth of internet marketing companies has actually started a long time ago. Ever since late 2005, there Continue Reading