Bloggers, Its Time To Forget those Metrics

Each and every blogger who is just getting started is usually being taught about the different metrics and how each of those play a certain role on their blog. The metrics I’m pertaining to are: the Google Pagerank, the Alexa rank, the Technorati authority, the feed subscriber count, and even being included in those top 100 lists. From a hindsight, isn’t  it exciting to witness each metric of your blog improve and attribute it to your blog’s growth?

Well, we cannot dismiss the fact that these metrics change as our blog’s popularity change but we should always not be too concerned with that or else we are going to harm our blog. I remember when my blog was just getting started. In 2 months I received a  pr2 ranking and was like jumping up and down with excitement. I was really really ecstatic back then and thought I was hardcore.

Not too long after that, the blog was slapped back to pr0. I remember I even did a rant post claiming that Google was making a mistake of slapping my rankings. Funny enough the reasoning behind that was simple. I was selling links, doing black hat type of stuffs and just being bad. In short, I was not complying with Google”s guidelines.

Today I no longer care with Metrics

I bet that even people tell they don’t care that much with those ranking stuffs, they are still baffled. That was what I was like back then. I mean I was puzzled why these blogs have good Alexa rank yet they receive very few to no comments at all. Why is mine just in the 200k?

The main reason I actually stopped caring about those things is that its not helping me and my blog at all! I mean instead of focusing on producing good content to my readers, I would instead search ways on how to game Alexa or instead of marketing my blog more, I would research on why my blog is pr0.

Eventually I said “buggy this, I would stop being concerned with all these stuffs, instead I would just do what I would need to do”. And that was like the turning point for me from being an overly-conscious metric guy to being a real blogger.

If you’re still unaware, it’s about building relationships.

I always like to tell newcomers in blogging that its about connecting to your readers, building that relationship. It doesn’t happen overnight but instead on focusing on useless things, we as bloggers have to focus more on making that bond with other bloggers.

The thing about blogging is that it is such a friendly atmosphere. In fact we treat other bloggers as peers when in fact they are our competitors. That doesn’t happen in real world businesses.

So that’s the main  point of this post. the metrics are good, sure it can feed our ego well, we can boast it in forums claiming ‘hey I have a better pr than you” or whatever. But at the end of the day, blogging is a person-to person relationship, not technology and script driven activity.

Can you sell your own product just because you have a high Alexa and pagerank? Does it mean you’re credible just because you’re in the top 500 list of some random guy? Naah! But when you build those relationships with your readers w/c are your potential customers, you don’t even need a thousand of people a day. All you need is a fraction of that. Believe me.

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  1. says

    It’s interesting because I was thinking the same thing today. I don’t spend a whole lot of time looking at metrics but I do notice that I’ll take a mental note of comment counts and visits on other blogs.

    You have to realize that the other blogs aren’t yours, won’t be yours and so shouldn’t be one which you gauge against.

    You should be building relationships instead of competing.

    Just work on content, networking and doing your best – without wasting time on metrics, you will be able to focus on content.
    .-= Murlu´s last blog ..How To Network And Build Lasting Relationships With Other Bloggers =-.

    Melvin Reply:

    That’s a great realization Murlu. I used to be like that before but I guess as I get older with blogging I start to care less with that

  2. says

    Kinda disagree. Actually I disagree a lot. Maybe because I came from an affiliate marketing world where numbers, stats, and metrics play a key role in success.

    I think its the same with blogging at some point. Sure it’s about building business but then its hard to really measure anything without tracking, looking at stats, analyzing it and etc. I know like me, you love playing with log stats and you love to analyze stuffs that are geeky for most people and that’s just the same with metrics.

    I think the right advice is to actually not care that much with your blog’s rank but then CARE more for things that can help improve your blog. I mean everyones building relationship these days but still few can really manage to do it right so there’s still a gap, know what Im sayin?
    .-= Breeme-´s last blog ..More Aff.Marketing Resource Guide for Noobs =-.

    Melvin Reply:

    that’s a great point Breeme. I think I get caught up a bit with not using metrics in the post but you made a great point.

    What I’m preferring more here are the page rank, alexa, technorati and stuffs. I see people a lot in forums worry about those things wherein they should think more of their business model rather than those metrics. But anyways, youre right. These metrics are used to determine if a goal was achieved or not.

  3. says

    well said dude, i agree with you….
    my alexa rank is around 240000 but still i get more comments that some of the bloggers with more traffic….
    because what matters is the quality of the content and as you said, the relationship building
    .-= Tushar´s last blog ..3 Things You MUST Have Before You Start Blogging =-.

    Melvin Reply:

    Yep. But then again for me comments is another thing. Im not getting off that high with it since it can easily be inflated as well.

  4. says

    I have begun to not care about Alexa rankings. I have compared my visitors to some other bloggers that I know and I get thousands, and I mean thousands, more uniques but I don’t rank as high. Then I found out that Alexa ranks by toolbars blogs that mention them and use place their widgets on their pages. Since then, I just focus on visits and not much more.

    Melvin Reply:

    It’s true Ralph. I was like your about a year ago, I was like comparing and speculating, and finally I said to myself “enough of this”, I would focus on things that are more valuable and not care on this useless stuffs.


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