How MelvinBlog Dot Com Really Makes Money

make money from blogI got this request from two people and although they are only two people (lols), I thought I would share here with you right now how MelvinBlog Dot Com makes money.

First and foremost, I would first like to clarify that this blog makes very little to no money at all. Initially when I started this blog, I had in mind bloggers like Shoemoney and Carl Ocab and basically told myself that I’m really going to monetize this blog as hard as I could. Eventually it did especially the past few years where it makes a steady three-figure income every month which I thought was amazing considering I’m not really selling anything except ad space and also the fact that the blog isn’t a high traffic one.

Anyways enough schmoozing, today I am going to break down to you how this blog makes money in the past recent years. I may not totally give you the exact figures or the precise time period but I’d try to detail it as possible.

This blog is nowhere close to a high-traffic site but it’s enough for me to make some money out of it and take good care of all the bills. I also think it’s interesting to let people see how this blog makes money considering a lot of blogs who have much bigger traffic than this blog has been having difficulties with monetization. Without further ado, here we go.

Direct Advertising

blog advertising

It’s no secret and by simple observation you can easily see that majority of the money from this blog comes from selling ad spaces directly to advertisers. I sell several advertising which includes the well-known square banners at the sidebar, I also have text links and the premium spot which is the 468X60 banner space. Initially I wasn’t too keen on selling paid reviews but after realizing it’s totally just fine, I decided to give it a go.

I don’t know but I think I really do well with selling my ad spaces in this blog. I usually get sold out and if not, maybe 1-2 ad spaces were left. One reason is that my ad space is really cheap. I know some bloggers who have the same traffic than me yet they’re selling their spaces for like double of my amount. I’ve talked about it in my how to get that blog advertisers post and it’s all about really letting the marketplace decide for the price tag. Getting 4 $10 placement is always better than one $25 placement.

I’m also keen on giving out discounts especially if it’s on a commitment basis or if it’s a bulk package. Not only I get to be able to get sponsors but also it builds that publisher-advertiser relationship over time which is something that most bloggers don’t do.

And lastly yes I use a very awesome plugin called OIO Publisher. For those who do not know, what it basically does is make selling ad space automated. The advertiser purchases an ad, and then the plugin does everything. You don’t need to upload the banner manually, you don’t need to undergo to those long processes that you usually go into when doing it by yourself.

It also does have some other unique features like geo-targeting and stat-tracking in which it emails the advertisers about all the stats, the clicks, ecpm, and all those geeky number stuffs.

If you don’t have it yet, get your copy now. I know I was like having some pride into myself before and said “I’m not gonna jump into this OIO thing.” I was making good money then but upon purchasing, I almost doubled my advertising income alone because of this plugin. $47 is so cheap since you can use it in as many of your sites as possible.

Direct Ad Sales alone pays for my virtual private network hosting bills and some other couple of outsourcing works so maybe it’s not that dead after all.

Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing money

Most of you here know that I’m an affiliate marketer primarily running CPA campaigns through Pay-per click and then Facebook so being an affiliate is usually my bread and butter in terms of making money. But then it’s not really something that is related to this blog so I really don’t count it as part of the revenue.

However, I made some money though with some affiliate products I recommend in this blog. On my earlier days I was promoting affiliate networks like Pepperjam Network and Clickbooth which back then was paying $5 and $10 respectively for every referral. I made a lot of money in that since I leveraged the blog’s traffic and my reputation in forums. Do take note that I was making money as well by promoting affiliate offers within the network so I was not just trying to refer people for the sake of making money.

Most commissions nowadays are from the products that I’ve used and recommend here in this blog. Some of them include the 31 day workbook by Darren Rowse, Elegant Themes, Theme Wars, and of course OIO affiliate program which is one of the lucrative programs out there. Again, I promote products that I use and recommend. I would say stay away from promoting stuffs that you haven’t used yourself.

Affiliate program isn’t really the main driving force of this blog but I know some blogs who do really quite well with this business model. One of them is Michael Dunlop of who doesn’t sell ad space. Instead he leverages his traffic by providing tons of free good stuffs and then recommending products to them afterwards. It’s a great business model as well for the blog so you might as well look at that.

Selling my product

selling own products

If you can remember I sold a product last year which was called “Make Money Online Blog Monetizer” in which it was my first info product ever. The product was launched for 2 and a half months before pulling it out in the market. I’m not gonna say it’s the best product ever since sliced bread but it did almost raked in a thousand dollars in that period. I know I could’ve done much better had the internship not started killing me back then.

Since then I closed the product down as my goal was really to test the market back then as well as analyze its scalability. Whether I had made $20, $200 or $2000, I would still close the launch for that thing for the same duration of time. Whether it is still going to get launched again or not remains to be seen though.

In the latter part of this year I am looking to release another product so stay tuned for that.

Unorthodox Monetization Ways

unorthodox monetization

I always take blog monetization as a big challenge so I did some unorthodox ways to squeeze money from this blog as well.  One of them is through the “put the banner and make money program”. During the past couple of years it was really kicking. I mean you don’t need traffic, don’t need page rank, all you need is to sign up, and then put those ugly looking banners that are made of frames and tables and then receive your 10 Euros (they were usually paying Euros). Some are on a recurring basis and most are on a one time basis.

I really didn’t get the other side of it, all I knew was it’s another way to make money. I even wrote a post about it on how you can money without any sweat at all.

I also did some paid text links in posts thing where I basically was approached by advertisers saying they want this keyword in this specific post to link on their site or whatnot. Probably it’s an evil tactic but is definitely another good way to make money. The buy sell text links forum in digital point was where I was getting most of my clients.

Finally I also tried my luck with CPM-based advertising where I get paid a dollar or more for a thousand impressions. I was a smart ass so all I did was to leverage social media traffic, setup some rotating IP addresses to view my blog and buy cheap traffic. It was a little profitable thing but then I stopped doing it when I switched with this magazine template.

I still have a couple at the back of my mind but I don’t think it’s good to share those things as well as it may probably harm your blog if you implement it. Anyways do take note too that this is what I’d like to call as “desperate monetization measures”. Like I’ve said, it’s always a challenge for me to make money and so even when people see me as trying too hard to make money, I really don’t mind.

Future Plan

As I’ve said I’m going to release a couple of products down the road this year and test the market for it. Since I started list-building last year, I would try to get something from it as well, try to build relationships and then leverage it by recommending some stuffs to them.

The direct advertising model is going to be here in my blog for at least this year since its making me some really good money although I would try to shy away from it probably starting next year once I start getting a more consistent stream of income from other sources

An interesting note to take as well is on how I myself have turned the focus of this blog from making as much money as possible to actually starting to work more on its personal brand and focusing with relationships instead. Although the blog still makes decent money, most of the goals that I’ve set this year aren’t really on the financial side, rather more on building a larger community towards it and bigger readability all throughout the blogosphere. Money is good, but I’d take growing credibility and expertise any time of the day.

Long post huh? What say you?

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  1. says

    Well, it is indeed a long post =p but I think it’s a great post! Showing (more) character development and personalisation of thoughts in this post made it heartwarming, and it’s really nice to hear about how you grew, and how this blog grew too. Think I have lots to learn still from you and other bloggers, keep growing man, and you’ll get there! =)
    .-= Nigel Chua´s last blog ..On The Verge Of Programming Breakdown =-.

    Melvin Reply:

    Hey thanks Nigel. I appreciate those warm words from you. 😉

  2. says

    Wow, nice! Very detailed listing of your income sources.
    In my opinion, creating and selling your own products is one of the best ways to monetize a blog, as you aren’t “giving away” your traffic to anyone else and don’t have to be worried about a promoted product being rubbish.
    .-= Shane Melaugh´s last blog ..Market Samurai vs. Keyword Blueprint vs. Keyword Elite 2.0 =-.

    Melvin Reply:

    Its true. You don’t rely too much on traffic or page impressions and stuffs. But creating a product is just a ton of work really. Thats why most bloggers don’t do one.

  3. says

    Oddly enough, I use a few of these tactics, and I really don’t make much at all. Then again, my post frequency is awful…mostly because I don’t have a lot of time/experience.

    Hopefully that will be changing soon.
    .-= Wess Stewart´s last blog ..Forcing Myself to Save Money =-.

  4. says

    Very nice. I’m completely new to all of this and I haven’t got past the requisite noob adsense stuff. Thanks for the ideas.
    .-= curtis´s last blog ..Hello Sweden – Hejsan Sverige! =-.

    Melvin Reply:

    Heheh, I understand you since I used to be in that stage. You’ll get passed through that in the near future hopefully. 😉

  5. says

    Thanks for being so open and upfront about how you’re making money. I’ve pretty much been doing most of the monetization methods which you described here. And yea, at least you only recommend the products which you use which is so unlike others out there who just promote whatever thing they can get their hands on.
    .-= David – Finance Blogger´s last blog ..Effects Of The Recent Adjustments In The Monetary Policy Made By The Monetary Authority Of Singapore =-.

    Melvin Reply:

    Hey David, Im glad you liked this post. Yea, I agree that most bloggers are already doing this methods and that’s why I was never afraid to share them. :)

  6. says

    Oddly enough, I use a few of these tactics, and I really don’t make much at all. Then again, my post frequency is awful…mostly because I don’t have a lot of time/experience.

  7. says

    I don’t blog about blogging. :) But I was wondering if you were going to post how much you made from your blog from each website. I know other people must be curious about the numbers.

  8. says

    You have great content, and as long as you have a plan, and you do have one, I’m sure you’ll be having a lot of success sometime soon.

    Continue to write quality content, that’s the key.
    .-= Jens P. Berget´s last blog ..I’m in Love With A Fairy tale =-.

    Melvin Reply:

    Thanks for the good compliment Jens. :)

  9. says

    Thanks for sharing this.

    It’s interesting how you evolved in terms of revenue sources. I never thought to approach this as you did.

    It’s funny that I didn’t look for revenue but instead it found me – it seems that companies started to look on Google for “my nice blog” and that’s how my sponsors found me.
    .-= Constantin´s last blog ..DIY Glidecam Update – Gimbal Handle =-.

    Melvin Reply:

    Wow that’s pretty interesting. Maybe you could tell us more?

  10. says

    Not sure with the affiliate marketing though.. My PR is going up and absolutely going down after sometime.. :(

  11. says

    Boy, that’s a lot of work. But looks like you’re loving it! I will stick to Adsense and affiliate marketing and staying anonymous and out of the limelight! 😉

  12. says

    interesting info which i see that could help you create a UNIQUE info product down the road and help/advice, even coach people interested on creating their Blogs and people interested on making money on the internet.

  13. says

    Hey Melvin this post offers a good insight into how you make money on your blog. I’ve been blogging for a few months now and have yet to make any money. I think launching your info product can be a really good way to make money. I’m not actually aiming for big bucks even 100 bucks a month would be good. hope to find my way there.

    Great post once again!
    Bryan´s last blog post ..27 Ways To Get Yourself Motivated to Blog

  14. Nigel Cbua says

    Just re-read this post and had some more thoughts bout it. You said that it’s interesting how your mindset changed from a make as much money as possible to a mindset of let’s work on relationship and community as well as to give value to them. Is it a perspective of building authority and credibility for to brand leadership for later?

    Perhaps there can be a blend of both authority/credibility building plus monetizing, to balance it out? But the Baha’i , buildingreadership should come first before profiting I guess.
    Nigel Cbua´s last blog post ..I Am Really Glad We Got An Accountant Period

  15. says

    Great blog, I have thought about running ads on my blogs, but I’m generating income from one source now, and thats affiliate programs. A lot of people think you can’t make a whole lot of money from affiliate marketing, but I would have to disagree.

    I do have other work at jobs I do, and I guess that is my message to others. Blogging is not hard to do for most people, but some just don’t know what to write about. I agree with you, that you should have more than one source of income, but not everyone is great at that.

    I think I’m going to take your advice and in the future add some ad’s from other companies, but I’ll see how that goes.

    Best Wishes~
    Best Mom Ever
    Best Mom Ever´s last blog post ..Top 5 Reasons To get More Than 1 Work at Home Job

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