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Ey guys nice to be back hear. 😀

You’re probably wondering where the hell have I been because of the lack of post and activity online. The truth is I always am online working with stuffs that I have to. And one of them is the launch of the MMO Blog Monetizer (click here for the salespage ).

My newest info product is basically about monetizing make money online blogs. Although it doesn’t really stop there. The ebook also covers monetization of blogs related to internet marketing, blogging, niche marketing, webmaster and any type of blogs that relate to making money online in general. The book costs $14 and is an 18-page ebook. I didn’t use big and wide fonts so don’t worry as what you’re getting there is pure meat (with marshmallows).  If you’re interested in maximizing your income potential from your blog then read on.

This product is intended for:

  • Bloggers who feel they’re not monetizing their blog to its full potential.
  • Bloggers who have blogs preferably that exist for over 6 months.
  • Bloggers who feel they’re blog is on the category listed above.
  • Bloggers who have had difficulties getting advertisers for their blog

And it’s not for:

  • Douchebags!
  • Serial refunder/fraudulent buyers
  • Newbies just starting their blog.
  • Bloggers who own a blog that have little to no traffic
  • It doesn’t cover setting up a blog (walkthrough)
  • Complete Newbie on Blogging

So to be honest I’m really confident with this own product of mine (w/c happened to be my first one). I actually launched a beta launch last thursday (via twitter and some social sites) and already managed to make 4 sales w/good feedbacks. So since this is my personal blog, I wouldn’t be retarded to do hard-selling as most readers here are my loyal readers. If you feel it’s not helpful, then don’t buy it. If you already bought it then let me know your opinion. If you are interested in buying then don’t go to my sales page, instead click this link and enter the discount coupon “goorlandomagic” to get a $4 off discount to the product (I know the Magic lost again). Questions, inquiries and criticisms are very much entertained in the comments section.

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  1. says

    I had just brought your ebook, I’m going to read through it, if it’s great, I will write a review of it on my blog, and to be honest, I’m a marketing junk, I buy all sort’s of stuff that I come across that concern about marketing, and because of that I never really read through your sales page, just scroll through and read some comments and click… BUY !

    And if is good,I will write a rave review of it, and I dare self proclaim, my review is absolute, you can see some of my reviews @

    Melvin Reply:

    great! I would definitely watch out for it. :)

  2. says

    This is one of the points i was referring to in my previous posts! Selling your own product is one of the best ways to monetize!

    Have you tried to advertise your book at ebay. I hear it only costs $10 for 30 days and your exposure will be huge!

    Keep up the good work my friend!


    Curious Little Person’s last blog post..Monetize your Blog the Right Way

    catering supplies Reply:

    I am very much concern with you that do it for self when do it for others. Its much beneficial that do it for other.

  3. says

    Nice name for the ebook. I like the sales page. Just the right size but you need to put the price of ebook on sales page too.

    Its good that you have mentioned who the ebook is for and for whom not.

    By the way if you need a review, I am ready as ever.
    Greatest Reviews Ready for Action

    Melvin Reply:

    I believe I have written it there. :)

    Agent 001 Reply:

    I meant you need to mention price more visibly. Maybe some nice image or at least with bigger font.

    You sure mentioned it but price need to be more visible. If you feel its OK then it is OK.
    .-= Agent 001´s last blog ..Submit your Blog to 150 Web Directories Absolutely Free of Cost =-.

    catering supplies Reply:

    How you can sale a price if you don’t mentioned its price. Buyer can’t understand your offer.

  4. says

    Hey, congrats on the release 😉 Strangely, even I’m launching a blog book by next month and it would be amazing to help out blog owners or readers though.

    I’ve seen the sales page (has typo) and I prefer bigger fonts (so that the visitor doesn’t get bored reading the text with same font size)

    Also I believe ORDER now button doesn’t match up with the theme. Had to put it up here as feedbacks were allowed here.

    Good luck with the sales! -Sid
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    Melvin Reply:

    The salespage is written by myself so expect that. 😉 What typo in particular? and why do you think the order button doesn’t match up with the theme?

  5. Mick says

    hey dude just purchased it, skim-read it and really am very excited to implement those techniques. I do have some questions but it does seem that the contact email on the salespage isn’t working..

    Melvin Reply:

    uhm yep, i forgot it isnt working yet.. use this blog’s contact form.

  6. says

    I think that’s a terrible sales page. Why not put a video of yourself introducing your product?

    Also, the sales copy is quite boring.

    I believe you will get higher conversion if you get a better copy.

    Just my 2 cents
    .-= Desmond Ong´s last blog ..The Emergence of Flippa – Why Flippa Is Worse than SitePoint Marketplace =-.

    Melvin Reply:

    still in testing page… and had quite stucked in intern. :(

    Melvin Reply:

    Make Money Online!… Comment test!


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