Check Out The Credentials

This is a guest post by Amanda Green

What do you need to do to get a job? Given that a prospective employer has contacted you about it, you need to send in a resume, then go in for an official interview. Yet, when we contact people about a service or product, we often take corners. We simply go by how cheap it is, or how high up on the hits list of a search engine they are. This is simply inexcusable when it comes to big decisions like who to trust with financial and investment advice.

In order to trust anyone with providing you a service you need, whether it be a builder or investment advice, you need to do some research. One of the best ways to do some preliminary research on someone is to look at any online business profiles that they have. There are no shortage of sites that you can host a profile onto, so they should have at least one.

If you are requesting services of a company and not an individual, look up the information on its president. Let’s look at a Charles Phillips profile on as an example. If we browse through, we would see that he is well connected with people both inside and outside of his industry, owns a profitable company and in general seems to be a very reliable person.

Not everyone has profiles like this though, or perhaps their profile is bare bones enough that you want more information. In this case, dig a little deeper. Search through any online news articles about them. In a lot of cases you will come up blank, but this is usually a good sign.

Positive services get little attention from the public after all. Negative attention though, such as incredibly bad reviews from customers or cases of serious apathy or neglect, do get attention. If the person you are looking into has had a history of anything like this, you should be able to find out with ease. And if they do, needless to say, you should not be doing business with them.

You cannot hand the reigns of your company over to just anyone and expect it to survive. Yet, when you take advice from those we barely even know, that is exactly what you are doing. Ensure that someone has both the knowledge and the credentials before hiring them for advice, otherwise both you and your company will suffer for it.

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