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Update: In this review, GeoEdge was compared to an outdated version of GeoSurf. The version of GeoSurf that I reviewed was version 3.0 which is now an outdated version according to them.

Viewing websites in different geographic locations has many uses. An “obvious” use is for us, online marketers who are doing research for the market that we’re targeting. Another use is for SEO’s running optimization campaigns for their clients or even for themselves. Also, we have those affiliate marketers that use pay-per-click on search engines. They want to know how their ad is performing and if it shows often. Lastly, we have these other group of people who are monitoring their brand throughout different locations and seeing if their campaigns are being ran as planned. Actually, surfing websites locally has almost unlimited uses.

The use of tools that will do all of this is starting to become a necessity. Sure, we have all those ‘free’ web proxies that are available ever since but how do we know they’re not infecting our system with all those malwares and viruses? How do we know they’re really reliable? Perhaps the reason why they’re free is because they’re not really delivering the goods.

Last month I talked about GeoSurf and how it differs from the rest by instead providing a toolbar for doing local searches. For this month, I’ll be reviewing a somehow similar service called GeoEdge.

What is GeoEdge?

GeoEdge, as a whole, is a company that specializes in creating technologies in the field of online media and specifically geo-location (targeting). Their global visibility solution is obviously the GeoEdge Pro product which I’m about to review.

GeoEdge (the PRO version) allows you to view up to over 100 locations (which is more than what GeoSurf offers) and you can do that by installing their toolbar on your browser. As of the moment, there’s a toolbar for Firefox and  Chrome (beta). After installing, you are now ready to use GeoEdge.

Aside from GeoEdge Pro, they also have other tools that you can associate with it. One is GeoEdge search and the other one is GeoEdge Analytics. The first one is basically just a package that’s more suited for search optimizers and marketers. The second one is more targeted to Ad networks and Media Buyers. Let’s have a look on what’s inside.

Inside GeoEdge

GeoEdge  gave me a free trial wherein I was able to explore in many different countries. My experience with the toolbar is mostly good and I would say its pretty accurate. A quick test that I conducted is browsing on several locations and GeoEdge never failed in delivering me to right Google page based on the location that I selected.

The toolbar is sleek and I like that its organized by continents. You don’t need to scroll down to a list of gazillion countries. Instead, they’ve grouped them accordingly so if I want to select ‘Argentina’ as my location, I can simply just go to Latin America and then select Argentina.

Aside from this, there’s also a mobile emulation feature wherein you can see the look of a page on a specific mobile handset. I cannot speak on its accuracy since I only own an Android phone so I don’t really know if the page looks the same in Symbian or iOS.

Since GeoEdge is a browser add-on, they need to keep up with endless updates from the browser it is supporting. I think they’ve done a good job of that since the version that I tried seemed to work with three different Firefox versions without having any problems at all.

I was also using an internet connection through a USB when I tested GeoEdge and it just worked fine (GeoSurf didn’t work well with a USB dongle  btw.) As an aside, there are some other Firefox plugins (like Foursquarefox) that don’t work well with USB dongles so kudos to the creators of GeoEdge for that.

As far as the connection speed, not sure if its normal but when you change to some other locations, the page loads slower. I know that the servers are located on different places that might have been far from my location so that’s probably the reason why it happens.

I would say all in all that I like GeoEdge. The toolbar idea is superb and I like how they have the details organized in the toolbar. Aside from that there’s this ‘Snap-it’ thing that looks real unique. What this does is build a consolidated view of pages and ads from several geographical location. The view will be based on your selection of locations. I haven’t tried this extensively but a quick look on Snap-it would lead you to their bigger product called GeoEdge Analytics which I will not be discussing anymore.

For a good demo, you can also visit the GeoEdge demo page to see how it works.

Plans and Pricing

GeoEdge has interesting packages as compared to GeoSurf. They actually have a free version called GeoEdge Search where you can access up to 8 locations but you can only use these locations on search engine ranking page. That means you cannot really use it to a specific URL but rather to search results only. Its very limited in that sense but still I know lots of people can benefit from this. And hey its for FREE.

As for the pro package, the cheapest one starts at $59/month where you can view up to 3 locations and have a search limit of 200mb.  Here’s a screenshot of their entire packages:

geoedge cost

They have this unique package which is the custom one wherein you can choose your own combinations and build it your own way. The price for this obviously depends on that certain combinations that you want.

Lastly, every package has a free trial option so within that specified period you can cancel when you feel its not worth it.


GeoEdge is actually almost identical with GeoSurf. They both make use of toolbar and they’re pretty expensive if you’re gonna use them and you’re not really making any money. However, if you are in the industry wherein tracking locally is always a task, then this is definitely a must have. If you are working on a large company, you can also suggest to use this tool. In short, tools like this is not for everyone.

Overall, I find GeoEdge just fine. I’m a web guy that has gotten used to using proxies from websites and having the privilege to use a tool like this, I would say its almost always refreshing. Maybe they can roll out more features that would further more set them apart from the competition but right now its already solid. Also, finishing that Google Chrome toolbar would help a lot since lots of users are using Chrome these days.

How about you? Do you think GeoEdge can help you do your local searches more competitive?

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