A Guide on Doing Blog Marketing

It’s been a while since I created a guide on blog marketing/driving traffic to a blog and obviously the need to update the material has occurred to me. Especially with the fact that I got lots of feedback based on the old one that I created and those feedback that I received were really good.

Now if you haven’t been reading my blog since last year, then the book that I’m referring to is the one entitled ‘Blog Marketing for Fame’. This free guide generally received positive feedback from most of my readers and I was happy with how it turned out. There were a couple of good suggestions that I put into work with regards to the new one.

So there I upgraded the guide and it has been rebranded as …

‘Blog Marketing Guide’

Aside from the old one having a long flimsy name, another reason for the renaming of the book is the fact that there’s really no guide on blog marketing in general available. And perhaps, ‘Blog Marketing Guide‘ as a name is pretty good and something easy to remember. It may not really be the perfect name for now but its something that’s good to start with.

The book just like most of my guides are free if you subscribe to my newsletter which is totally a no-brainer if you ask me. :p. The book has 5 general sections on how and where you can get traffic plus a detailed explanation/elaboration of the different things that I do that has worked extremely well for myself and hopefully can also work for you.

But the book isn’t really just the cool stuff here as the newsletter is the one that I would say I’m pretty proud of. Over the past few years I haven’t really had gotten a huge amount of people on my list. I have a couple of hundreds to be honest but I’m very proud to say that the community in my newsletter is a tightly-knit interactive group. Lastly, I usually put out lots of great advice and tips that I normally don’t publish here. And hey there were a couple of times that I even gave free goodies there. :)

Why Blog Marketing?

Pretty simple. Just like in my old post about most bloggers failing at marketing, the reason I created this thing is to be able to help out lots of bloggers on how they can market their blogs competitively.

Not much has really changed. Most bloggers aren’t still good at marketing their stuff and its pretty understandable. When I was getting started I looked at blogging as just writing and I believe this is how most bloggers trying to carve their niche look at blogging as well. Obviously its the wrong way to look at it.

We, bloggers have to be somehow in the middle of ‘writers’ and internet marketers (salesmen). We need to write out our usual selves while being good enough to promote it and get enough  people in our community. But we don’t need to sound like those marketers right? Nor do we need to push out one product after the other just to get affiliate sales. In short, we don’t want any part of being salesy yet we want to know how to market.

Hopefully that’s what the Blog Marketing Guide brings to the table.

So that’s my reason. Again, your feedback is highly appreciated and feel free to get this guide across the blogosphere.

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  1. says

    Hello Melvin. Another thing I also notice about your new title, is that it’s a good keyword too. If you can get a couple guests posts done with anchor text pointing to your sales page you’ll be golden.

    Good luck on the book!
    Ivin´s last blog post ..What’s Your Niche–Go Green

    Melvin Reply:

    Thanks but Im not really selling anything eh? :-) if you click the link or read the post, it states that its just a free stuff.

  2. says

    Seriously this one is a must read for the newbie bloggers who fail to market their blog.. I hope (and I am sure) that there is some great content waiting for me in the inbox.. (Subscribed)
    Raj @ Blogging Tips & Tricks´s last blog post ..Things to Keep in Mind Before Opting For A Web Hosting Company

    Melvin Reply:

    Thanks. I hope you find the free stuff well. And don’t forget to give me your feedback. 😉

  3. says

    Hi Melvin,

    The post and your guide do sound wonderful, and I can’t wait to join in to receive and learn more about the tactics and strategies mentioned in it!

    Thanks for sharing :)
    Harleena Singh´s last blog post ..How Freelance Writers can Use Google+

    Melvin Reply:

    Your welcome Harleena. I hope you can benefit from it. :p

    Don’t forget to send in your feedback.


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