Most Bloggers are Limiting Themselves & Here’s Why

As  bloggers, we are constantly taught not to put our eggs in one basket. What this mean is that we should never limit ourselves to just one thing. For traffic generation for instance, we should not rely on search traffic and we should try to diversify different sources of traffic. For monetization, it could be tapping into different source of income. If you’re monetizing solely through Google Adsense, then have you given a thought that you’d be broke when Google bans you?

To be honest, I highly think the same of blogging itself as a whole. Most people I think are limiting themselves too much and sometimes I am one of those people who do it unfortunately. I used to limit myself too much in blogging and that I didn’t realize there’s a lot of money outside of the actual writing in a blog. Of course a blog is a very valuable asset but sometimes we can use that blog to get into many other different areas that can prove to be profitable for us. Example? Freelancing, affiliate marketing, consulting, etc.

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  1. Hey, thanks for linking to me and the sponsors, and ya, years back, I was the same limiting myself and now with so much new stuff and cool tactics, there is always a more stuff to be done then just blogging.
    TheBadBlogger´s last blog post ..3 Ways to Confuse the Hell Out Of Your Readers!

    Melvin Reply:

    Good to hear it from you man! Thanks for sponsoring the contest. ;-)


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