Is a Uniform Domain Name a Requirement in Blogging?

As newbies in blogging we are constantly taught that its a good practice to match the domain name of our blog to the market that we are into. So for instance if I’m blogging about tulips flowers, my domain name should be something like ‘’ or ‘’. I can’t choose a domain name like ‘’ or’. Yeah, I know the sample url’s are kinda creepy. =p

But does it really mean we need a uniform domain name or something that’s related to our niche? I myself is not a pretty good example as far as this is concern. This blog for instance is an internet marketing/blogging blog. But the domain name is too personal as it has my name on the domain name. Lots of my friends even think that is nothing but a personal blog and people don’t initially realize that this blog is not really a personal blog.

Another concern is the branding. A blog like ‘’ can more likely be recognized as a marketing blog rather than a blog like []. Of course this could also play a psychological role to your potential visitors. Imagine, a first time visitor comes in to your site because he was directed their by Google. And then he saw that the domain name is somehow very far from the topic he’s looking into. What do you think would be his reaction/response?

The last factor is the search engine rankings. This isn’t so much of an issue when you’re blogging in a general niche like ‘making money online’ or ‘buying cars’ or ‘insurance’. However it could play a crucial factor when you’re into microniches. Example is when you’re targeting your audience locally. A site like has a better chance of ranking better than a site called when it comes to providing search optimization services to Malaysia. Or maybe a very small yet targeted niche like ‘beta fish’ in which most audience if not all come from search engines. That would then become a much bigger factor.

Defying the Odds

What I mentioned above are mostly the general rules that most people will really give you especially when you’re just starting out. And to be honest that should really be it. It doesn’t seem to make that much sense to have an unrelated domain name to the niche that you’re blogging to right?

But still we have lots of sites to reference to as far as not following that rule when it comes to naming domain names. Good examples in this niches are,,, All of which have horrible (unrelated) domain names to begin with but they’re definitely the top guns when it comes to making money internet marketing kind of niche.And then we have crazier domains like icanhazcheezburger and a whole lot more raking in tremendous amount of search traffic without following the so called ‘standards’ with on-page optimization.

So I’ll leave it up to you. Honestly, I know people are obsessed with blogging and naming their blogs after them (or their nickname) so that might be the reason why. But considering a uniform domain name is still should be an option and besides, there’s really no harm in trying to be ‘uniformed’. What say you?

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    It can be difficult to find a domain that matches your niche these days especially the .com variety. I knew a few people in the early days of the internet that wanted to buy their actual name .com. I guess it really depends. If you are a technology site I would rather see something technology related in the address, but I would take your name over something totally unrelated like technoflowers or something strange like that. Honestly it doesn’t matter too much to me as long as the domain name isn’t real long and contain a bunch of hyphens or numbers.
    Ray´s last blog post ..If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

    Melvin Reply:

    I agree. If it could be remembered easily then it probably won’t matter that much

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    Personally, I’d rather choose a domain name that is not named after me. I don’t know, I just don’t like flashing my name everywhere on the net. ^__^

    On the other hand, I guess it kinda affects your search engine rankings. For example, I myself would prefer rather than when I need to search for iPhone specs.

    Hmm… Come to think of it, how did I end up reading your blog? I can’t remember… ^__^
    Romel´s last blog post ..First-hand Experience With Wireless Broadband Internet

    Melvin Reply:

    Heheh. My belief with the search factor as far as domain name is concern is that if you are into a very very specific niche (microniche), the relevance would help a lot. For example if the niche is ‘betta fish care’, then by having those words in your domain, you are really helping yourself a lot as far search rankings are concern. But for bigger niches, I don’t think it matters that much.

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    Hello Melvin. I think one would be greatly misled if you thought a personal domain name is a personal blog. In most cases, I think they’re are personal branded business sites. I have a personal domain which I wanted to transfer to my current host after it expired in January. They still haven’t released it and looks like I’m gonna have to go the tedious route of ‘renewing’ the domain cleaning up it’s directories and having it transferred.
    Ivin@become an expert´s last blog post ..Free WordPress Install !!!

    Melvin Reply:

    oh. it sounds like a bad webhost to me. :)

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    Hello Melvin,
    It really all depends. I have had sites with names that do not relate and sites that goes by the niches. For me, it is not of the highest priority – to a certain extent ( regardless of the SEO part ), as I believe that networking + providing valuable content is what matters most . In future, once your site hits big, your domain name will automatically be referred as how it is ( your brand ) – despite the fact if it may sound freakish at start.
    cheers 😉

    Melvin Reply:

    Yeah, that was equally my point too. For me its more about branding. I would rather be popular for my name or my blog’s name ‘melvinblog’ rather than be popular because I rank for some good keywords on Google. But I guess it still depends on your intention and your niche. Lots of small niches don’t have much room for branding stuff so they rely mostly on search optimization to get things done.


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