The “Other” Things that You Can Enjoy in Blogging

So before I start everything else in this post, I just want to (proudly) let everyone know that I make money from most of my blogs and its one of the reasons why I really love blogging. I said financial benefits is one of the reasons, the other half is the happiness and the satisfaction that it brings to me. It's always been my mistake to write blogging and internet marketing tips to bloggers as if everyone is aiming at making money and being famous. It amazes me (and I'm thankful) when someone goes out in comments and says "not all people have making money on their minds and I'm one of Continue Reading

Surfing Locally Without Being Local. GeoSurf Review

This is a paid review. If you're interested for having your product/website reviewed, kindly see our packages here. The internet has been there for quite a while now and its hard to talk about it without really touching on how it opened lots of opportunities for us, online entrepreneurs. Its amazing to imagine that by having an internet business, we're not really limiting ourselves to a specific demographic but rather catering to a global one. Also, it allows us to just stay and work where we want to and not really move on to different places. Geosurf came up to me and asked me I could test Continue Reading

7 Ways to Lose Search Engine Rankings

This is guest posted by Jordan Metts who provides SEO services to his clients. Capable SEO services exercise several tactics for rising in the search rankings, and avoid using techniques that fail to appease search engine spiders like Googlebot. Many tactics can get a site into trouble, and seven of the most egregious are described in this post. Using one or more of these tactics is a guaranteed way to lose rank. 1. Accidentally have meta tags or robots.txt set up so that spiders cannot index your files. In meta tags, if "robots" is set to content="noindex", this disallows spider Continue Reading

Is Lightbox Popup Still Effective For Marketing?

If you've been reading blogs ever since like me, then you probably know that the use of popup lightbox is widely popular. The growth of blogs switching to it and using it has been enormous over the past year and more and more people seemed to be convinced into using it themselves. But is it still worth using it? That's my question. Obviously, the use of popup lightbox has something to do with marketing (and 'psychology' for some) since some bloggers are reporting a ridiculous increase in conversions by using it. So logically, when people start using the same thing over and over, it becomes Continue Reading

Memes Can Make Your Blog Money

This is a guest post by Jessica Wagner Anybody who takes their blogging seriously doesn't need to be told about internet memes and their influence on web culture. In fact, many of the more famous memes found on the web owe their popularity to the relaying nature of links through blogs. But maybe you've just started out on your blog writing adventure and aren't too sure what a meme is. Trust me, you've seen one before. An internet meme is any image, video, phrase, concept, or personality that takes on a cult status online. Typically they're found on humor sites and forums, where they often Continue Reading

Google Plus. That Damn Thing

I know its too late now to post about what Google Plus is and what I think about it but screw it, I'm gonna post about Google Plus anyway. :) Google Plus was launched last June 28 although it was just like a week after before i got aware of it. Truth is it was just this Saturday that I got an account with it thanks to a very very beautiful lady named Pao (she gave me an invite).  So I started using it and exploring it and quite frankly, its confusing. I mean just imagine how its so different coming from a platform like Facebook and then moving on to Google Plus and then thinking it just works Continue Reading