The Best Blog Marketing Tips Around the Internet

The contest has finally ended and it's really really such a great one. It ran for almost 2 months and we've had successful feedbacks all over. On top of that, the quality of the entries that we've received is just superb. So if I am about conclude now if the contest was successful or not, there's no question it is. Anyways first I'd like to apologize for not having this post earlier nor reminding people that the contest has already ended. Actually, it is just this month that I started feeling the sting of having a day job. Although it's enjoyable and exciting, it disables me to do a lot of Continue Reading

I Don’t Have Anything to Blog for Today, Help!

Most people get into this thing called as "writer's block" wherein they cannot get a topic they can write about. Literally nothing comes out of their mind, zero, zilch! I had experienced it too and in fact I did more than 10 times already. There has been really some good and lengthy guides out there discussing how to cope up with writer's block and if you came across some of those and you find them helpful then I suggest you to bookmark them so you have a copy of it which you can reference back continuously. Anyways in this post, I want to share my unique take on how I deal with it and what Continue Reading

Being *Just* a Marketer & Not an Internet Guy

In the internet marketing world, I see three different kinds of people. The first kind is a techie person who knows a lot about the internet but does not have any knowledge in marketing. Basically this is where most people are coming from. Second is the type of person who has offline marketing experience but hasn't really have much idea on how the internet works and third, is a someone who does not know either, meaning a newbie or newcomer. I've been into this space now for quite a while and I've noticed a lot of things. Most of which is directly related to internet marketers who aren't that Continue Reading

Major Contest Announcement and Some Guest Posting Opps

The MelvinBlog Best Blog Marketing Tip Contest has finally come to a close and I can really really see it as a major success. Just with the fact that all entries are superb entries that it exceeded my expectations is a reason good enough to call this contest a success. And add to that, the massive interaction between the community of those blogs who participated in the contest. So again I'd like to thank the sponsors by presenting this uber big banner. As I've said, that's the goal of this contest. Sure it gave me a lot of traction for the entire 1 month of holding this one but it's just Continue Reading

An Interesting Guest Post Analysis on FamousBloggers

We all know that guest posting brings in real traffic if done correctly. As a member of my community, you're probably also aware on how I've been guest posting on a lot of blogs for the past few months for now. I have done a lot of guest post but I realized I haven't really done any analysis on the effects of this guest posts for my blog. And while it's impossible to do one posts for all guest posts I've done, I think it would make more sense to at least try to pick one and feature it every week. What do you think? Anyways, I've been trying to do 5 guest posts per month and its a level I'm Continue Reading

Joining Blog Contests, What’s Your Motivational Factor?

Contests or specifically blog contests are a great way to attract a huge number of people from a wide variety of demographics. Not only because its full of hype, but more likely because almost everyone joins it. I'm sure you're aware that I join as much contest as I can and bragging aside, I usually win a lot. From the simple, "subscribe to feed, comment here" type of contest to the harder affiliate marketing competitions, I probably had participated in all of those. Joining contest is really fun in the sense that if you lose, then you lose. I mean people don't grudge when they lose in Continue Reading