What is Problogging & A Look at Some Pro Bloggers

Problogging is a word that’s not new. If it sounds new to you, then probably you are living under the cave. Pro blogging simply stands for professional blogging and today I would like to talk about it more from my own perspective. No worries as I’ll assure you that this is no generic article.

Each and everyone of us bloggers want to be called as professional bloggers but in reality we’re not. Professional bloggers are simply the ones who do blogging as a business, more specifically as a primary business. They usually allot 6+ hours per day with their blogs, mostly dealing with content and marketing. That being said even though I am spending a lot of time blogging, I cannot still call myself as a problogger because I am student.

It’s also a big misconception that you can look like a professional one by blogging with perfect grammar and great fluency. Again its a total misconception. Although I don’t want to imply the mentality of speaking like a moron/douchebag, you cannot just focus too much on how formal your way of speaking is. At the end it’s all about gaining popularity and capitalizing on it, not boasting your English degree.

So Im going to take a look at some probloggers today. Obviously, just earning a big amount of money doesn’t mean you’re a pro blogger. Anyhow, here are the great examples of bloggers who do professional blogging.

  • Darren Rowse – is the pioneer of professional blogging. I probably have never seen a guy who is as dedicated as Darren in this world. He blogs at ProBlogger.com and some other many sites. What’s amazing with this guy is that you can take a look at all his blogs and easily notice that they are all established in whatever niche they are. Although he’s a bit conservative in terms of making money, I still believe he makes a heck of cash with all of his assets in the internet
  • Yaro Starak – Yaro is my favorite blogger. Although he’s not the earliest person to do blogging, he probably is the first guy to leverage his audience best by offering a membership site called Blog Mastermind. Since then it really exploded his expertise on the subject matter where he gained a lot of reputation and trust. Look at Yaro as a blogger who got interested in internet marketing, studied it and mixed it with blogging superbly to achieve who he is today now.
  • John Chow – Ok it took me 5 minutes to decide whether I should include Chow in this list. After all he’s like Shoemoney. The only difference though is that Chow has no other big  business aside from blogging w/c is why he’s in this list. John is the best example of a pro blogger who doesn’t need to have perfect way of expressing things in word.
  • David Risley – It was only last year when I stumbled upon him and his blog. Some of you may not even know him yet. If not it’s your best chance to know him @ DavidRisley.com. He connects with his readers well by just blogging spontaneously. David is a problogger even before the term existed but he just started building his expertise couple of years back. If you’re looking to build a blogging business, then head on and grab his six figure blogger blueprint (Don’t just get afraid of his large voice!)

Okie dokie. As always I’d love to hear your opinions on this and your thoughts about problogging. Also do you have any other suggestions out there for professional bloggers? Or do you think someone in that list doesn’t deserve being included?

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    I think of probloggers as those who make a living from blogging, whether it’s 10 hours a day or 10 hours a month. I know some really successful “probloggers” who outsource practically everything, work for less than an hour a day and still make a six figure income.

    Really cool article Melvin, I love the way you wrote it and then gave some examples. Nice work :)
    .-= Simon | Teenius´s last blog ..Interview With Marko Saric of HowToMakeMyBlog =-.

    Tom | Build That List Reply:

    Hey Simon, care to share who they are? I would love to dig deeper into their blogs to find out how they tick and why they are so profitable!
    .-= Tom | Build That List´s last blog ..Do I Need My Own Product Before I Start List Building? =-.

    Melvin Reply:

    I know some as well but I would love to hear from you Simon too!

    Simon | Teenius Reply:

    There was a guy on DP called Chris, can’t remember his second name, sorry.

    Also, Michael Dunlop. OK, he conducts the interviews on his site, but he outsources design, work on WebDesignDev etc. I spoke to him about it and he basically outsources all the hard work from what I made out!
    .-= Simon | Teenius´s last blog ..Five Reasons Why Twitter Is An Epic Fail =-.

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    John Chow do have big business aside from blogging. TTZ Media is an advertising medium established by John Chow and TTZ Media is well famous advertising medium for gadget blogger. Nice list though. Thanks!
    .-= Arafat Hossain Piyada´s last blog ..Free tool to create and edit Sony Ericsson Walkman Media Player Skins =-.

    Melvin Reply:

    yep but I think most of Chow’s time is still devoted to his blog, johnchow.com. 😀

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    I read and follow all the bloggers you mentioned on the list, BUT on the other hand they all blog about blogging, and to some degree about making money through blogging or Internet marketing in general. They do have experience on making money through other blogs as well, but they are well known because they blog about blogging and teach others to blog.

    I think it’s important that people understand that “problogger” (making full time income through blogging) does not mean you have to blog about blogging and Internet marketing.

    I’d be way more interested in hearing and learning about probloggers that are not in the “blogging about blogging” niche. The true probloggers. Those bloggers that don’t shout that they’re making money, they just blog and make a living. Darren Rowse is doing a good job with his later podcast interviews, interviewing bloggers from all kinds of topics.
    .-= Antti Kokkonen´s last blog ..How To Choose a Domain Name for a Niche Site [Questions & Answers] =-.

    Melvin Reply:

    Thats an awesome point Antti. It’s true that pro blogging isn’t just about experts who blog about blogging. Sure I’d invite some pro bloggers in other niche here in this blog.

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    Whenever I see lists like this my only thought is that the author really has no interests beyond making money. Every person you listed blogs about blogging. That’s it.

    It is sad how incestuous the meta-blogging space is. How in the world can people give advice on blogging when the only blogs they read are blogs about blogging? The same advice keeps getting batted around the same few sites like an echo chamber.

    Go walk outside. You’ll find that hardly anyone cares about this niche. They care about things like politics, travel, celebrity gossip, food, sports, and their family. The sites you listed almost NEVER talk about these blogs, yet they make up some of the largest blogs in the internet.

    Those niches have totally different audiences than the meta-blogging niche does, and most of the people offering advice have no clue how to adapt to different market conditions.
    .-= Gary Arndt´s last blog ..First Night in Bangkok =-.

    Liane Reply:

    That hit home. I’ve been thinking about this all along Gary. It’s true. I agree with you- and that made my blogging career a little bit depressing right now. But luckily, I found a new inspiration. I’m going to build a new blog, and this time around, it’s something which everyone can sure relate too :)

    still, i’m going to continue blogging about blogging tips though.
    .-= Liane´s last blog ..Rebuilding Lives: Continuous Support is Needed for Haiti Disaster Relief Operations =-.

    Rhys Reply:

    I agree in principle (though disagree with the statement they “Every person you listed blogs about blogging. That’s it. ” – Darren has Digital Photography School & David has PCMech), but other than that I agree entirely.

    There are so many huge niches that’d be great for blogs, real niches. Blogging niche is tiny (I do like it, but I like loads of things) and more importantly overcrowded. But nobody else is really interested in it – it’s no lie that my posts about SEO (a related, but entirely different niche) get more traffic, comments & links than most posts about blogging.
    .-= Rhys´s last blog ..OIO Publisher WordPress Plugin Review =-.

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    Darren is the true pro blogger. Yaro is more of a Internet Business type. John Chow is very lucky to be a pro blogger ( he was lucky to earn money).

    Never heard of David. I should have a look.

    There a lot of unknown pro-bloggers out there. It depends on people to people who they consider pro-blogger. For me pro-blogger is the blogger who is providing great quality to blogging community and not those who earn a lot of money.

    Melvin Reply:

    Agree. If chow would start today with that same business model of his, Im sure he’s not gonna make that much money.

  6. says

    Thanks for including me with these other great bloggers, Melvin.

    One thing to keep in mind is that you listed 4 of us, and all of us blog about blogging, more or less. There are quite a few people out there making money from their blogs who are just not on the radar because they don’t publicly talk about making money. 2 years ago, I was one of those people. :-)

    I think calling the 4 of us “probloggers” is more a result of our branding than it is the fact that we’re the only ones doing it. Anybody can do the same thing, it is just a matter of whether you choose to brand yourself that way.
    .-= David Risley´s last blog ..Project Update: Launch Drama :-) =-.

    Agent Deepak Reply:

    David you are right about the branding thing. I know there are a lot of pro-bloggers out there unknown to many of us.

    Thanks that you shared the secret. I am impressed. I will be tagging along with you blog. Hope to learn something new.
    .-= Agent Deepak´s last blog ..Shoe Money System is Coming =-.

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    ..mmmmh, pro blogger; blogging as a profession, blogging like a professional or pretty much both- i wonder Melvin, which is which

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    Hi Melvin,

    Great post.

    I knew Yaro first out of all and the Darren from Yaro’s interview and later David. John Chow! I used to think he was an affiliate pro until last June.


  9. says

    Yes, I follow all the bloggers you mention – some more frequently than others. I think John Chow now has an assistant who may at times do the odd post for him and he does have that other bz. which was making him good coin before he started John Chow.com. But hey I like the guy. He is straight on. There is no finagling one way or the other with him.

    To the question at hand: what is a problogger. In sports, you can be the best tennis player in the world but if you are not earning money playing tennis then you are an amateur. To be a pro tennis player you need to be earning some bucks. In blogging no matter how outstanding your blog content is if you are not earning money then you are a hobbyist, or, as you put it Melvin, still a student.

    BA … Blogger’s Assistant (i.e., still a student but earning some money) :-)

    .-= Valentina´s last blog ..Sunday Morn Musings: On Money, Elitism and Olympics =-.

    Melvin Reply:

    great point. I think we can also mention the fact that if the money made is “professional” enough to handle all the bills, then probably thats problogging.

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    At least one of these guys has blogs in another niche. One who wasn’t mention in here is Robb Sutton who has an awesome (income producing) blog in the cycling niche.

    These guys have done a good job of filling a need. There are TONS of people out there trying to figure out the “blog thing” these days. I looked past the fact that they are blogging about blogging and applied the same concept to a niche blog about dogs…. people love dogs too.

    It hasn’t been that long since I decided to “go pro” with it… and yes I do spend a lot of time every day on it aside from spending time with dogs and enjoying my life training for events, skiing when in the mountains and in the ocean while at the beach…. have a ways to go with the look of the blog… BUT traffic has certainly picked up….

    The point is, there are tips to make a blog look professional and then the real important part of a professional blog… getting a lot of traffic to it.

    Both Darren and David teach those concepts… and if you don’t know about the concepts, a blog about blogging or dogs or bikes isn’t going to work. So I thank them for the valuable information.
    .-= K9 Coach´s last blog ..Running with Two Dogs =-.

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    I think Dan Scocco from DailyBlogTips.com is on pace to surpass everyone on this list in about a year or two. I find his stuff much easier to read and far less diluted than some of the other big names who these days don’t write most of their own content.

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    One need to work very hard to be a pro blogger! It needs lots of patience and we need to create aims for ourselves and fulfill them. I feel its better to blog than to pro blog!

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    Professional blogging can also be performed for personal branding purposes. There you make your returns with your regular business, but the blog allows you to promote yourself more effectively. I am following a special coaching program by David Risley and I find him very competent on the subject.
    .-= Roberto Mazzoni´s last blog ..The only liquid that can cut gold in half =-.

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    My favorite pro blogger is Yaro because he always has something useful to give in his blog and I just signed up for his blog mastermind course for a trial run and feel it’s very beneficial to anyone who wants to go down that route of blogging success.
    .-= Eric´s last blog ..Real Or Robot =-.


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