What is Problogging & A Look at Some Pro Bloggers

Problogging is a word that's not new. If it sounds new to you, then probably you are living under the cave. Pro blogging simply stands for professional blogging and today I would like to talk about it more from my own perspective. No worries as I'll assure you that this is no generic article. Each and everyone of us bloggers want to be called as professional bloggers but in reality we're not. Professional bloggers are simply the ones who do blogging as a business, more specifically as a primary business. They usually allot 6+ hours per day with their blogs, mostly dealing with content and Continue Reading

Crazy Dog T-Shirt Review – Cool Shirts to Promote Your Site

This is a paid review sponsored by Crazy Dog Shirts If you're blogging for quite some time, you would easily notice that one of the most underrated ways of promoting a blog is by sending out tshirts to other bloggers in the same space. T-shirt marketing falls under the category of guerilla marketing and as we all know this type of marketing is the most inexpensive type yet it almost brings the same result. Back to shirts, today I would like to introduce to you Crazy Dog Shirts, a clothing company that aims to provide low-cost but high quality shirts. The shirt starts at $7 all the way up to Continue Reading

Demand & Supply – Understanding Blogging Economy

Currently Blogging is one of the greatest Internet Marketing Model. While many people use blogging for personal purposes, some use it as an Internet Marketing tool. The few people who use blogging as Internet Marketing tool are the ones who want to earn money, reputation and fame. But only a very few percentage of them succeed. One of the reason of success of these successful bloggers (whom we call pro bloggers) is the understanding of Blogging Economy. The understand how to utilize their resources, where to invest and how to balance Demand and Supply. Demand and Supply is core of any kind of Continue Reading

Your Guest Post was Rejected, What’s Next?

By now you probably already have learned that guest posting is a powerful way to drive crazy high quality traffic to your site. I’m not just talking about the hits here, I’m talking about traffic that could easily become one of your subscribers, more importantly your customers. Guest Posting really is going to do the job for your blog in terms of getting more publicity. So because a lot of people already knew it and learned it’s benefits, it seems that every blogger in every corner is sitting, focusing and writing a guest post for the big blogs in their niche. But the question is, are they Continue Reading

Fan My Blog & Win Exciting Prizes

To kick start this year, I had some mini contests idea in mind and also some huge ones which will happen sometime in March. And so for today I thought I would launch this one for all of us to have fun and excitement on the way. Postnote: Sorry for the delay, the contest winners are the ff: Joseph, Dana, CredFollow, Neil, Simon. I'll be contacting you soon with your prizes. The Facebook Fan My Blog thing has originated since mid last year. Some of the bloggers have really made the most of it. So back to the days when I was thinking about the blog redesign, I had included it in my plans. As Continue Reading

The Big Glitch In Guest Posting

By now you probably have been already told that the quickest way for a brand new blog to get traffic and build some buzz is by doing guest posting. It doesn’t just apply to new blogs, it also applies to mid cap blogs like my blog and probably your blog. To sum it up, doing guest posts is vital in increasing your blog’s brand awareness. Anyways, I’m always a good observant when it comes to the blogosphere and all the things that are currently happening in it. And one thing I noticed is that there is “somehow” a big glitch in guest posting (glitch means minor problem, adding the word big means Continue Reading