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So today I was reading doshdosh and again I have noticed Maki still not putting his face in his blog. Actually I know so much that Maki loves anime and have nothing against it. However I always feel that having your picture in your blog helps. Well I think I have said last time that blogs represent yourself and most of the times, the content, picture reflects to ourselves. Having your own picture in your blog specifically in the about page helps the readers value your blog more. I think one of the first pages that a visitor would read in your blog is your about page and what would you think he will think upon seeing a cartoon or no picture? Hmm..

I can’t argue with DoshDosh. It’s an established site that has given everyone a great help. In fact it’s one of my favorite blogs (a blog I read every morning). With Maki, he already had set his own standard of putting anime girls (sexy & yummy) and anime pictures in his blog and you can see that the readers don’t bother about it. For smaller blogs, it’s really important to have your face there. In case you’re trying to imitate him or just wanting to be anonymous, I’m very sure you’ll not duplicate Maki’s success. I really really do not see reason/s why you should not put a picture of you on your blog. Just look around, Chow being evil is being punctuated by his picture, Shoemoney has his every friday and almost everyone is proud of their face. And i’m not even talking about being gorgeous or ugly ;-)

If you do not have a face in your blog, then how can you interact face to face with them? Or could you tell me why you don’t have a picture of yours and maybe explain your side.

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  1. IronBlogger says:

    I agree with you in a sense, it’s always nice to see someones picture, but for me it’s not a must.

    I currently do not have a picture on my About Page. I may get one eventually though.

  2. I don’t have my picture on my blog, and I also don’t go looking for a picture on someone else’s blog. I’ll read a blog if it has interesting content and if the person in question can entertain me with his or her texts. It doesn’t matter what face that person has. I also don’t read the about page when I get somewhere… it is not that important for me.
    And if you want to talk face to face to someone, shouldn’t you do that in reality instead of on the internet?

  3. I have my face on my blog. Didn’t know whether or not it helped or hurt until I took it down for a few days while I moved to a new platform. I was tweaking widgets and stuff and the face wasn’t back up yet. Two people emailed me to ask where it was! So, yes, I think a face helps.

  4. I totally agree with smiley. A picture it’s not important on a blog or who owns it. It’s the content thats in it. After all isnt that what blogs all about?

    Anyone can put a picture if they wish to to do. No problem there but again it’s a not a must.

  5. Thinking of it, I don’t have my picture on my blog. Should upload it soon enough. As of Maki, now I realize that I’ve never seen his picture on his blog. Almost all the other bloggers have their faces on their blogs.

  6. @smiley, salwa.. I understand why you say that. But i think you completely misunderstood me. What i mean is “it helps” and I didn’t really say it’s a “must” i understand what you want to say. About page is only a page. The thing here is that you make your blog represents you, you put custom themes, do a favicon, get a gravatar and so, so why not add your own picture? Again this is what I believe and thanks for letting me know your side… ;-)

  7. I agree with you Melvin, having your photo on your blog gives it a more human touch. Maybe I’ll put my photo up one day….

  8. i never though to have my picture in my blog but soon you’ll see a handsome ;)

  9. I’m not putting my pic on my blog. You never know the psychos that read your rambles.

  10. I just put my picture on blog ;) , but it’s not a necessary thing

  11. Maki is able to convey personality through the blog, and that is enough to attract readers to come back. I admit, I’ve been looking for Maki’s headshot too around the blog.

    But that doesn’t stop me from reading… People focus on the content instead of the individual, while in John’s case, he is building his name as a brand, which is a different approach entirely.

  12. I don’t agree. The most succesful blogs out there don’t even have pictures of the bloggers in them. DoshDosh, for instance. If it’s a personal blog, a picture would be awesome. But it doesn’t mean all blogs should have pictures of the bloggers on them. It all depends on the nature of the blog.

  13. @germz, LOL
    @hendry & devastating guy, Well thats what I have said.. Again it’s not a must!

  14. some people don’t put real photos of themselves in blogs or anything else because some people might stalk them. They want to remain “mysterious” in some ways. Does this help?

  15. My blogs about page has my mug on there, lol. I ain’t worried about stalkers though.

  16. It’s been a while since I last pondered about this issue of whether I should or shouldn’t but alas I couldn’t find anything justifiable as a face.

    With or without is not the deciding factor for me, so I’m fine if the blog is faceless.


  17. I have no problem really with it, but my gravatar is enough for me.

    LOL @ sexy & yummy HAHA


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