Evolution of the Smartphone: From Business Luxury to Everyman’s Essential

From IBM’s Simon in 1993, the first phone to feature touch screen qwerty keyboard and email, to today’s Apple mania and continuous proliferation of new devices: we have witnessed the rapid evolution of the smartphone. Now that we are in a position where touch phones are essentially the norm, how much has really changed since its awkward beginnings? And what does the future of these wireless handsets hold?

Getting into Live Streaming Games

I have not considered myself a gamer despite staying in front of a computer 85% of the time. And even when I do play, it’s mostly just one game which is NBA (EA before and 2K in the past 3-4 years) and nothing else. Add the fact that I’m employed to a company where playing games […]

Advantage Of Phones For Visually Impaired In The Life Of The Users

Smartphone has in store various advantages. It has the power to expose you to the world of entertainment and connect with the friends all over the globe. For the visually impaired the Smartphone offer more than this. The use of the phone is not restricted to connecting people but also it has become a guide that helps them to conduct their daily activities seamlessly.

Review of Products from Applewerkz

A company named Applewerkz reached out to me and asked me if I’m interested in getting some mobile items such as a premium case, screen protector and slick wraps for free. As I love free stuff like we all do, I accepted their offer in exchange for a review of the products that will be […]

Blog Design Update for 2014

I hinted at a blog design makeover in my previous blog post and here it is now. Unfortunately, it’s not 100% complete yet and because the current blog theme during the time looked more messed up while this is being cooked up, I decided making this new design live is a reasonable decision rather than continuing with a messed up theme.