Eyeing Uber Business

Uber entered the country early in 2014 and the first time I heard and tried it was around September of the same year. I already know what Uber was but I never thought it would be possible for it to be available in the Philippines due to the country being poor (no pun-intended). Now that it's here for more than a year, I figured that considering doing an Uber business is not too insane to consider. Continue Reading

Reacquisition of my Basketball Blog

Long time readers of this blog know that I got started blogging with the topic that I love the most, basketball. I've been a complete basketball junkie since I was 5 years old and that easily translated into me writing my thoughts about the game mostly with NBA games and sometimes the local league here in the Philippines. Continue Reading

Flying to Japan Later this Year

I have secured a heavily discounted airfare ticket to travel to Japan for a short vacation later this year and it's going to be my third time going out of the country. I still need to secure a visa and obviously plan my itinerary but I'm excited as heck. :-) Continue Reading

The Right Strategies to Save Money When Renting Apartments in the Philippines

This is a guest post by Jose Warren Sola No matter where you live, your monthly apartment fees probably take the largest portion of your take-home pay. In addition, there are utility bills and other expenses that you have to consider as well. In a practical perspective, you want to lower the rental costs of your accommodation. However, with the tight economy, you are going to have little leverage in finding a cheap apartment that satisfies your needs. Nonetheless, you can always find a bargain. Prepare for your property search with the right strategies and you just might save some money on Continue Reading

Food Posts & Dining Experiences

Going in line with me doing more casual posts in this blog plus the fact that I've been having this fascination with cooking for about a year now, I decided that it won't be too out of ordinary to start writing food blog posts which are basically about my dining experiences, etc. Plus this also helps me build my local audience more as discussed in the previous blog post. :-) Continue Reading

Blogging for Local Audience

I started blogging in 2008 when I was still a college student. During the time I was taught to target a broader audience that can easily relate to the topic that I'm writing about. These audience were considered the 'paying' audience as they tend to buy stuff online and even if you're not selling anything, these people will theoretically make you more money if you have ads on your site. Continue Reading