Google PageRank is Dead at Last

We knew it was only a matter of time before Google finally (completely) kills the ever famous toolbar pagerank and it seems to have been validated by a Google employee. The toolbar PageRank is basically the "Google PageRank" of a page that appears when you have a toolbar or use a tool that shows it. Ranging from 0-10, this metric demonstrates how powerful a page is search-wise. Most websites have Continue Reading

Sudden Fascination with Cooking

I don't usually cook as most men do. My parents rarely rarely let me cook and I don't have any interest either. Sure I can fry eggs, bacon, cook packed noodles, even cook rice but other than those, I can't afford to claim any pride on cooking because I know close to nothing about it. It did help a bit that I lived in an apartment by myself for 1 and a half years but even then I would mostly just Continue Reading

Cost Vs Quality: Do Not Skimp On These Elements for an Excellent Website Design

This is a guest post by Charlie Brown. Any sensible entrepreneur wants to squeeze a dollar out a dime because after all, you are out there to make money, right? You need to be able to get the best quality of products and services for your business at the lowest possible price in order to make any kind of profit. While that is good business sense, it can sometimes be taken too far. There are Continue Reading

Quick Updates for August 2014

I like writing update type of posts because it's very casual to write and I can finish it in one sitting. It's also very spontaneous so there's not much effort needed here especially if you're feeling lazy like me. :) Without further ado, here we go. Completing the Redesign I wrote about a blog design update post some months ago but still I haven't finalized everything yet. It's getting closer Continue Reading

Some Thoughts on Storing Photos Online

I started taking pictures back in 2007 when I was in my early college days and like most people, I only used a point-and-shoot digital camera to take photos. Back then, I would store the photos on my hard drive and then upload it on Friendster. Technology has evolved and from Friendster, I started uploading them to Multiply, then Facebook and then now Instagram. Looking back I realized that Continue Reading