Food Posts & Dining Experiences

Going in line with me doing more casual posts in this blog plus the fact that I've been having this fascination with cooking for about a year now, I decided that it won't be too out of ordinary to start writing food blog posts which are basically about my dining experiences, etc. Plus this also helps me build my local audience more as discussed in the previous blog post. :-) Continue Reading

Blogging for Local Audience

I started blogging in 2008 when I was still a college student. During the time I was taught to target a broader audience that can easily relate to the topic that I'm writing about. These audience were considered the 'paying' audience as they tend to buy stuff online and even if you're not selling anything, these people will theoretically make you more money if you have ads on your site. Continue Reading

LeadsGate Review – Payday Loan Affiliate Program

This review is sponsored by Payday loans is one of the most lucrative niches and one that affiliate marketers target due to its high return on investment. This is also the reason why affiliate networks for payday loans sprout everywhere. But just like most profitable niches, most of them are just too good to be true and in this review, we will find out if LeadsGate happens to fall under that category. Continue Reading

Starting to Become Fond of Traveling

I am not a traveler. Aside from the fact that it costs to travel, I always feel like it's not for me. As a person who stays pretty much in front of the computer most of the time, I always think of traveling as a waste of time. Maybe not, but something that one should do like once in a year or even two years. The past couple of years have allowed me to experience it and somewhat change my heart about it. Continue Reading

Google PageRank is Dead at Last

We knew it was only a matter of time before Google finally (completely) kills the ever famous toolbar pagerank and it seems to have been validated by a Google employee. The toolbar PageRank is basically the "Google PageRank" of a page that appears when you have a toolbar or use a tool that shows it. Ranging from 0-10, this metric demonstrates how powerful a page is search-wise. Most websites have a pagerank of 0 to 2 while the big ones like Adobe, Yahoo and Google themselves have a PR of 7 to 9. Continue Reading